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Welcome to Car Fare

CAR FARE RENT A CAR, a part of CAR FARE GROUP is one of the leading car rental company in U.A.E. specializes in the Rental and Leasing of passenger and commercial vehicles.


Available Vechicles

Established in the year 1997, with over 20 years of experience in the local market, Car Fare Rent A Car, part of the Car Fare Group specializes in the Rental & Leasing of passenger and commercial vehicles.

Commercial Vehicles

Commercial Vehicles

Dubai based commercial vehicle leasing provider “Car Fare LLC” helps you to find the best plan that fits your specific business needs.

Commercial Vehicles

Dubai based commercial vehicle leasing provider “Car Fare LLC” helps you to find the best plan that fits your specific business needs.

Car Rental Dubai

Drive In Luxury on Budget Price From Car Rental In Dubai

To avoid the difficulties of finding cabs when you are in Dubai, browse up Car Rental in Dubai, the best dealer ever in Dubai and UAE. We provide easiest ways to avail luxury cars of your choice. Our growing network at major destinations in UAE allows you to leave your car at airport itself. We have the best arrangements to deliver your car back to your place. Car rental Dubai has a wide range of car choices based on customer’s demand.

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Rental Plans

Our Flexible
Car Rental Plans

Choose from our daily, weekly or monthly rent a car packages for your temporary travel needs in Dubai, UAE. Emergency roadside assistance and 24/7 support readily available with each car rental.

These are used to refer to rental terms of precisely 12 months. Customers are free to choose from any of our vehicles, and only minimum documentation is required to process the booking.

We offer Long term car rental plans with a maximum time limit of 24 months. These are ideal for expats working in Dubai and Abu Dhabi who would want a permanent solution to the hassles of public transport within the country.

Document Required to Hire a Car in Dubai

The following documents are required for booking or making reservation for the car rental services for people residing in UAE

For UAE Residents
  • Passport copy
  • Valid UAE driving license
  • Copy of Emirates ID
For Tourists visiting UAE
  • Passport copy
  • Valid International driving license
  • Copy of Visit Visa/Visa stamp

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Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

The legitimate age limit is 21 years or more to lease a vehicle across the UAE. Nonetheless, it depends on upon the vehicle rental organization you're recruiting from. Some vehicle rental organizations require the client to be 23 years old or above while some even permit long term old’s to recruit a vehicle.

Your additional expenses may include salik (toll), petrol, and self-parking, depending on your needs. The rental automobile may be delivered and picked up for an extra charge.

Yes, it is a requirement for our customer to pay security deposit when renting. This is because traffic fines can occur a couple of days after the RTA records/reports the accident, we will charge on your credit card as a fine security net for vehicles rented while you are renting/ leasing. This is additionally valuable in the event that the rental vehicle is harmed by the driver. The Salik expense will be recorded by us for a couple of days and paid by the driver. In the event that there is no fine or deduction, the blocked amount will be transferred back to you in 14 to 20 days. Please note that if you don’t have or want to use a credit card, we don’t accept cash due to security reasons.

According to our terms, only the registered driver whose details and driver license has been submitted to us can drive the rented car for the agreed period of time. If the car which you have rented comes across an accident and you were not driving, the Police might still consider you as the faulty. 

If you wish you to have an additional driver, it can be registered on the same rented car by submitting the requirement documents: copy of valid driving license and visa. And a extra charge of AED 150 will be also needed.

Mileage limitation is the number of kilometers you will be able to drive free of cost. It will depend upon on the car and your rental contract.

Parking is available all-around UAE. When parking, you must check the parking zone you are using and pay the required amount. Parking charges will vary by the time of the day and specific parking zone. If you are parking along the roadside, they are parking meters installed.

We do accept cash, credit and debit cards.

It is important all customers follow the traffic regulations and obey to the law, to ensure own safety.

For your information, the most common traffic fines reported in the country include: 

  • Exceeding the speed limit
  • Failure to pay for parking
  • Poor lane discipline
  • Failure to keep safe distance between vehicles
  • Not following traffic signals
  • Failure to wear seat belts
  • Using a phone while driving
  • Drinking under the influence of alcohol
  • Driving without a driving license

You can book on our website and app, it displays all the car options with the specifications for you to choose your ideal vehicle.

Or you can call to our branches, find contact number in the “Contact Us”.

If you experience a breakdown Carfare Rent A Car offers a 24hr Breakdown service. And during an occurrence of an accident, your car must not be moved unless it causing obstructions to others or the damage is minor. 

You must call the police (999) and stay with the vehicle, in a safe place. A police report will have to be submitted to us, so we can make an Insurance claim. Please note that insurance cover will be not accepted if a valid police report is not provided. 

Please notify our 24hr helpline number +971501002119 of the incident. They will immediately arrange for a replacement vehicle to be provided, if it is required.